We think of ourselves as a trusted resource: professionals who will see you through life's most difficult moments and help you prepare for the opportunities ahead by creating a robust financial plan that tries to take into account many facets of financial life. We pride ourselves on taking a different approach to financial planning, utilizing a fee-based approach to financial planning, that we believe provides a superior outcome than a traditional adivising approach allows.

This approach ensures a few things that our current clients really appreiciate: 

First, the advice we provide is unbiased because we aren't depending on you to buy a financial product to compenstate us. Whether you have questions about real estate or want a second opinion on your current adviser's approach, we can cover all of that and you aren't required to make any changes to your current relationships or to have us implement the plan once it's completed. 

Second, because we've been duely compensated for our time, we can ensure a holistic and comprehensive plan that strives to take into account every facet of financial planning, including not only the monetary aspect of it but also your relationship to money and the behaviors you have around it. 

Third, all of our planning clients are "A-Clients!" Whether you have millions in investable assets, all of your assets are tied up in real estate, or you are just starting out and don't want to work with a traditional adviser relationship, you will be treated the same. Our approach is not only focused on helping you create a plan but also focuses on helping you acheive your goals through quarterly check-ins, helping you stay on track for your goals by holding your accountable to them, and making sure you never have to make a financial decision again "thinking" it will be a good idea--you call us and we can help model out the decision and see if it helps move your forward or not (i.e.--you'll know it's a good idea).

Sounds good, right? So what does this type of planning look like? 

Step 1: Since everyone's financial situation is different, it's important for us to learn some high-level goals and objectives you currently have. What are your biggest goals or financial concerns? Where would you like to be 10-20 years down the road? What financial resources do you already have in place? This allows us to understand your current situation and then propose the fee that we will charge to help you create your financial plan. 

Step 2: After getting your financial agreement signed, we then get to work compiling and organizing your financial affairs so we have a clearer objective picture of where you are. After that, we need to work to get to know you better, prioritize your goals and break them down into specific, measurable objectives. 

Step 3: Now comes the fun part. We get to work creating your financial plan using a very robust financial software tool called eMoney. We plug in both the objective and subjective data so we can start to project out what your financial future will look like. We'll identify insurance and financial products that can help meet the specific objectives outlined above. If you like, we'll even consult with your tax, and legal advisors to make sure all our efforts are coordinated. That way it's easier to see how even the most challenging tasks—like paying off your mortgage or retiring early—can actually be accomplished.

Step 4: Once the plan has been agreed upon and you are happy with it, then we'll start to work on implementing it. Remember, the best laid plans are useless if you don't do anything with them. Implementation can take many forms, from legal and tax changes to financial and insurance products, but we'll walk you through it and make sure it's getting done, either by you or the other professionals you've surrounded yourself with. Most importantly though, we'll continue to guide you and hold you accountable to your goals so that you actually accomplish them! 

If you ever have any major life changes (changes in income, expanding family, or an inheritence), then we repeat steps 1-4 again and help you to create a new plan. It's really that simple to get started on financial security and feeling better about where you are currently and to get to where you want to go in the future, financially. 

We do not provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. Please consult your own tax, legal, or accounting professionals before making any decisions.



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